A new journey

It has been over two weeks since we moved to Connecticut. In some ways it feels like much longer.  We have been so blessed by different people in the church who have allowed us to stay with them until we close on our house. Our closing date is  supposed to be the 15th, so we are pretty much two weeks away from moving in!

I drive by the house often, stop my car and stare at it. It’s hard to believe that the cute blue house I picked on Zillow many months ago is actually going to be our home. I pull up the pictures on my phone and look at them every day. It’s my way of keeping sane while I wait.

David has his work to occupy his time. Right now I mostly spend my days wandering the town or reading and writing. I am enjoying life here so far and have found people to be a lot more friendly than I expected. We were warned that we would have “culture shock” moving from Alabama to New England, but I haven’t been the slightest bit shocked yet.

We arrived in New England at the perfect time of year. The air was cool and crisp and the leaves were breathtaking. I spent nearly three full days just driving around with wide eyes in awe of the beauty of God’s creation. I am also a sucker for old barns and old houses. Over every hill and around every bend, I discovered some old faded building surrounded by vibrant autumn foliage, so I felt as though I had just arrived in heaven on earth.

Then last Thursday, we experienced a little taste of things to come when we got several inches of snow quite unexpectedly. David and I were at the church, in the middle of painting his office when it started to get dark, so we decided to call it quits and make the drive “home” to the house where we were staying. The prospect of snow, doesn’t scare either of us, but we know that we are inexperienced compared to many of the other drivers around here, so we want to play it safe!

The snow melted the next day and we have had beautiful weather ever since.

I’ve been trying for over a week to write this post. Every time I start, I either get distracted or lose the will to post at all. I am a very emotional writer. I write what I feel. I write what I often times cannot speak aloud. And right now I am overflowing with emotions of all kinds.

I am tired. I am not naturally outgoing and energetic, but when we arrived in Connecticut, we hit the ground running. David obviously has a lot going on with the church and I have tried my best to be the supportive wife he needs right now. I am constantly  meeting new people and trying to remember names and connections within the church. Its good! But exhausting. The members have been so kind and supportive. It is very encouraging to us, having come from a place that had very little support.

I am sad to now be 1,106 miles away from my best friend. But I am thankful that she is coming to see me in 29 days to help me settle in and organize my new house! I miss her and her little girls so much already. Now I’ll have to watch my god-daughters grow up via pictures and Skype. It broke my heart to say goodbye to them. It breaks my heart that they ask about me and that they miss me. But it also give me joy, because I know that the relationships I formed with them are important and unbreakable.

I am so happy to start a new journey with my husband. For most of our marriage so far, we have lived with his parents. We only had a few short months after our wedding that we were in our house before we sold it. Living with my in-laws was actually amazing. They are the best in-laws a girl could ask for. But still, who wants to live with their in-laws? Especially at the beginning of their marriage? I have never lived alone. I’ve always lived with parents of some kind except for those few months David and I had in our little house in South Huntsville.  And I always thought of that house as “David’s house” even after I came in and turned it upside down with cosmetic renovations.

So now we are about 2 weeks away from moving into OUR house. David and Amber’s house that we are buying together! Like I said, I drive by it often. Often enough that I think the people living there right now probably think I’m a creeper. I drive by and I can’t even fathom that it’s going to be mine. I’ll have a house to make my own. A kitchen to cook Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Walls to decorate, closets to fill, bathrooms to clean. It will be mine. And that’s just the beginning….

This house is the house we will bring our kids home to. It’s where I’ll stay up all night with crying babies, potty train them, cut the crust off of their toast and make them sit at the table until they at least TRY the broccoli. It’s where I’ll do endless loads of their dirty laundry, help them with homework that even I don’t understand, and stay up late pacing the floor when they break curfew.

This house is one more checked box on the list. Now I am so much closer to realizing my dream of being a mom.

I am so, so close.
God has a way of surprising me with the best things.

He is working so clearly in our lives and I am amazed each day at what he has done. I look around and literally ask, “Is this my life?” I have to remind myself that it’s real. We have been waiting for what seems like forever for something like this, and now here we are!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we get settled and acclimate to things around here. We appreciate it!






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