Dear David

Dear David,

A year ago on Memorial Day, I met you for the first time. This year Memorial Day found me by your side after a long, tough weekend. And we’ve been married for over 3 months. It feels like longer. It feels like I’ve known you forever. I’m still amazed every day at how this is unfolding.
A little over a year ago, I was so broken. I was so hurt and unwilling to feel anything. I didn’t believe anyone could make me feel again. Not like that. Not like this. God sent you to me when I was more than a cynic. I was indifferent.

When we started corresponding online, you were too good to be true.
But I felt a prick of hope, and from that, hope spread in my veins and took root in my soul. Then we met, and that hope grew until I thought my heart would burst.
In the midst of such a whirlwind romance, we still kept our feet on the ground. We knew we were crazy! But we also knew we were meant to be. Why wait, when we had waited all our lives!?! I’m so thankful that we did things our way and “rushed” into marriage. I wouldn’t change a thing.


I spent three months before our wedding agonizing over the song I was writing as a wedding gift to you. I couldn’t say in words what you mean to me. How could I? So I decided to just tell our story, so I’d never be able to forget. Then I was devastated when my voice was gone at our rehearsal, the night I had planned to sing you the song.
Though you eventually heard it several days later when we were iced into our cabin on our honeymoon, it wasn’t exactly what I imagined. In my mind, when I sang it at the rehearsal, you smiled, our parents cried, the bridesmaids and groomsmen gagged and you left that night reminded of how far we came in a short nine months.
It didn’t work out exactly as I saw it in my head. But honestly, what ever does? It worked out how it should have. We have the best stories. I love us.


Thank you for being who you are. You are patient and understanding. You are intuitive and see my struggles. You are wise and passionate. You are a leader who takes initiative to change things when you see a problem. I admire and respect you more than I could ever say. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for trusting me with your heart, because I know it was hard for you to do too.


I think it’s time that the world knows the lyrics to our song. The first of many I know you will inspire in me.

It was a sunny day in May, that day we met for the first time.
I was a girl with little faith, fighting the doubt inside my mind.
Then we spent the afternoon falling in love
And seven hours later I knew you were the one.
Oh, oh, oh let’s not move too slow.
The world might think we’re crazy but who cares, we know…

It was a rainy night downtown when you said the words “I love you.”
All of my walls came crumbling down,
You gave me the courage to love too.
So far I’d only hoped, but now you were real.
And all of those places I’d numbed, started to feel.
Oh, oh, oh lean down and kiss me slow
And let the rain clouds follow everywhere we go…

For you I’ve prayed, for you I’ve waited
For you I’ve cried, anticipated all these years
And all my prayers and all my waiting
All the tears anticipating, now you’re here…now you’re here.

Tomorrow’s the day you and I become us
There’s no giving up, no turning back.
I knew it the moment that I chose to love, I’d choose you all over and over again.
All of our scars mapped out the way to where we are
The picture of beautiful, we’ve made it so far.
Oh my love, you are my miracle.
A sweet surprise, no compromise,
I’ll love you ’til the end of time
Can’t wait to see where this life leads us now…


David, every moment I spend with you, I cherish. You are a better husband than I ever imagined for myself. When I think about how little time we’ve known each other and how full you’ve made my heart in such a short time, it makes me so excited to face every day of the rest of my life with you. I love us. I love you.


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