Rainy Days in 2014

A visit to  December 31, 2013 would find a hard-hearted cynic with no hope or plan for her week, let alone her year. She could have never seen coming all that God would do in 2014. How He could take that hardness and patiently knead her into a noble vessel, ready to face the next step in her calling. She didn’t see how He had been equipping her for something greater. While she cried herself to sleep, God was working in her heart, making her stronger by making her rely on Him. 

2014:  A year full of big surprises, big risks, disappointments and heartache. Walls were built, and walls were torn down…
It was a year of turning points. A year of defining moments, a year filled with rainy days. She began to turn from her cynicism and skepticism, and she opened her heart to the love of another, risking it all and leaving herself vulnerable to the greatest of hurts. She poured herself into ministering to a group of young girls so hungry for love and leadership. They longed for someone to just acknowledge their existence. They acted out because it brought attention. But she looked at them and truly saw them. She saw beyond their tough exteriors to their wounded hearts.  The burden she has for them is great. The reward is greater.

The end of 2014 brought with it overwhelming change: A future husband, a new city, a new job… Everything new and unfamiliar, she cried herself to sleep again, longing to feel at home.
In a few hours it will be 2015, and in 43 days she will stand in a little white church on top of a mountain and will vow to spend the rest of her life loving and serving alongside the man God has given her. It will be another year of change and adjustment, another year of surprises. It will be another year of rainy days. With each drop that falls from the heavens, she will look up and thank God for his showers of blessings and for his unrelenting pursuit of her in the years when she felt hopeless.
Let it rain.


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