Take a Number

I ignore most things on Facebook. I admit (as I am blogging, of course) that social media has gotten a little out of hand. We’ve all been exposed to our “friend’s” on again-off again relationship statuses, photos of their dogs by the Christmas tree in sweaters and home-made holiday tutus, posts about how terrible life is treating them, selfies ( I especially love the bathroom mirror photos), endless game requests and of course the never-ending “like this status and I will…” posts.

The one I’ve seen most recently is the one where you like the person’s status (which is a list of predetermined length telling you random and previously “unknown” facts about himself) and that person subsequently gives you a number and you have to come up with that many facts about yourself and post your own status. Then those that “like” your status must be given a number and so on and so forth.

I refuse to participate in such things, mostly because I don’t want to have to be watching my status to see how many people like it, and then be responsible for handing out a number to them.
But also because I highly doubt anyone actually cares about all these things I would have to rack my brain to think of and post. Let’s be honest….I don’t really care to know if you are deathly afraid of the color magenta because it reminds you of your Great Aunt Marcia’s (who used to smother and traumatized you with kisses as a small child) lipstick. Does anybody?
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read a great number of these posts and have enjoyed several. For the most part, though, I would like to smack the face of the person who started the blasted thing.

The whole concept of social media assumes that people care about what you are thinking. It is self-expression, yes, but it is also self-centered. It’s a way to update the whole world on what is going on in your life without ever having to interact or put forth effort to create real relationships with people. I don’t think it was ever meant to be this way. In the beginning it was just a cool way to keep connected with all the people you know. But now…years later, a whole new generation of people are using these outlets. This generation will never have to write a handwritten letter or even call their friends on the phone if they don’t want to. Email, FB, Twitter, texting…they have replaced the things that relationships are built on. Real human interaction is almost a thing of the past. It makes me sad to think about it.
I, for one, am very thankful that texting was invented because I despise talking on the phone. But that doesn’t make that experience any less valuable. Our society is slowly letting convenience take priority over true connections. That applies to all aspects of life, not just social media. I encourage you to spend some time thinking about that, and to examine the things you post using social media…and also the attitude that your posts convey.

So in the true spirit of going along with the cool kids, I shall now reveal as many stupid facts about myself that I can drudge up. I will not confine it to any certain number and NO I will not assign a number to anyone who likes this post. I refuse.

1. I have been on two short-term mission trips to Tanzania and hope to return some day!

2. I have an “African” themed bedroom.

3. I have a tattoo, and I want about five more.

4. I have several best friends, and the best thing about each of them is that they are REAL, honest and trustworthy people.

5. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series.

6. I tried to like Twilight, but Kristen Steward ruined it for me.

7. I think a “Hunger Games” scenario is not so far-fetched anymore.

8. I once got stuck in a baby swing at the park located next to my house in Ft. Polk. I was ten. My neighbor had to bring his tools and remove the chains from the swing set itself. When my father got home from work, he found me with a baby swing “diaper” and almost had to cut me out of it. It is a miracle I survived the ordeal to tell about it.

9. I have a fungus toenail. It’s disgusting. ( I know you wanted to know that!)

10. I want to get married in late fall or early winter.

11. I have most of my wedding planned, I just need a groom. ( Not doing myself any favors by announcing I have fungus. I know.)

12. I joined EHarmony out of curiosity.

13. I now use EHarmony as my daily dose of ” Is this person for real?”. I am always highly entertained at what guys think girls want…or their absolute ignorance about what photo is appropriate to use as a profile picture on a dating site. Just a tip, guys: No photos of you with another woman or kissing a bird or in your bathrobe. And if you are going to list your occupation as “occupied” or unemployed, I’m moving on.

15. I want to name my son Oliver James.

16. I forgot to write a #14.

17. According to my BMI, every health website I’ve visited and my Wii Fit, I am obese and need to lose 30 pounds. (Again, I am doing a great job of  making myself sound good for a potential suitor.)

18. My new obsession is BlueBell Pecan Pralines and Cream ice cream. (See #17.)

19. If there is a song playing and you are talking to me simultaneously, I probably wasn’t listening to you.

20. If there is a song playing, and I know a good majority of the words, I HAVE to sing. It is a compulsion. I 100% cannot resist it.

21. I believe in Bigfoot and think there is a good possibility that the Lochness monster also exists. I mean have you seen the show River Monsters???!!!

22. I can tell if it is going to rain by whether or not my hips feel like they are trying tear away from my body.

23. I can’t stand the sound of people eating cereal, smacking gum or breathing. So stop it. All of you! Haha.

24. My birthday is on the 24th of June and I share it with some pretty awesome people.

25. I’ve always wanted an American Girl doll.

27. Aw, man! I just did it again… I mean 26. I find cussing to be annoying and stupid. Pick up a dictionary and find some real adjectives, people.

the real 27. My irrational fear is of a zombie apocalypse. The rational part of my mind cannot convince the rest of me otherwise.

28. Big Block Sing Song scares the daylights out of me as well. If you haven’t experienced this program, please go to YouTube immediately and watch the peekaboo owl song. Disturbing does not even begin to cover it.

29. It has taken me almost an hour to think of these 29 things.

If you made it to the end of this blog, bless you. Not even I am interested in the things I posted above.


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